I’ve invested in my CPD! 

career development, cipr inside / Monday, February 19th, 2018

I’m proud to have completed the Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR) annual continuing professional development programme for this year.  

It’s been a challenge, especially since I neglected to do any CPD until I returned to work in October (so had to log my full 60 points in five months). I made the choice to focus on my professional development, and to invest in my career and knowledge, and (with some careful diary planning and time management) I’ve completed my development programme for this year. However, I am going to be far more organised this year! 

“A day without learning is a day wasted. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it.” Albert Einstein

I’ve found the focus on my professional development really positive, especially: 

  • To make sure I continue to develop and to encourage me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. It’s easy to settle back into the familiar and comfortable, so it’s been great to test some of my assumptions and generally shake things up a bit. 
  • For gathering new ideas, and reading case studies to hear ‘real-world’ examples of theory in practice. Some of the internal communications awards publish the entries from past winners online, which are a great repository for best practice and new approaches. 
  • To help me prepare for large regulatory changes, such as GDPR. 

Whilst the majority of my training and development activities have focused on internal communications, I’ve also completed elearning on ethics, GDPR and employer branding – each element that I’ve logged has had an impact on how I work and will improve my practice.

Balancing this with a busy job and home life is always going to be challenging. I’ve found that making the most of my ’empty’ time – using my commute to watch webinars or read publications – and planning carefully, especially to attend face-to-face training, means that the CPD points build up pretty quickly. Being able to access and complete training online has been especially useful so I can ‘study’ wherever and whenever.

Over the coming year, I’m going to schedule in a regular appointment in my diary so I have an hour to focus on my CPD. This might be looking for training opportunities, reading awards case studies, or just thinking about how I’d like to develop my skills. It’s important to me, and my organisation definitely benefits from me increasing my knowledge, so I’m going to ensure I make the time for it.

I’m already planning my CPD for next year and thinking about setting some new development goals… I’m considering focusing on taking a strategic approach to internal communications, engaging with team managers and senior leadership, and on delivering internal communications skills training. I’d also like to identify some more networking opportunities.

Find out more about the CIPR’s continuing professional development programme 

What would you like to learn more about? How do you make time for investing in your career and professional development? Drop me a line and let me know what you think! 

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