Trust me…

change communciations, employee engagement

Trust… One little word… With huge implications for internal communications.  Without trust, our communications are worthless. Our people need to trust that we’re telling them the truth, that we’re operating in a fair and transparent way, and that we’re representing an accurate picture of the organisation. 

24th April 2018

Our change zoo 

change communciations

A little while ago, Alive With Ideas published a blog post ‘How do you identify your Changeimals?’. Their post looked at how, at times of change, employees can react as ‘animal’ types (based on David Straker’s The Resistance Zoo).  I think this is a really interesting model to look at how our people react to change. We can’t expect […]

14th February 2018

“Turn and face the strange”… Communicating change

change communciations, internal communications

I recently attended a change communications masterclass with Rachel Miller from All Things IC. The masterclass was a great experience – loads of useful discussion in a small group, all coming from different industries, and with different internal communications experiences – focusing on communicating change within our organisations. We covered a huge amount of material […]

6th February 2018