career development, wellbeing / Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Even though it’s been a (significant – ahem) number of years since I was a student, I still can’t shake the ‘new year’ feeling of September.  

As well as being a great opportunity to add to my growing stationery collection, and being overtaken by a strong desire to buy new pens, I find the end of August and beginning of September a good opportunity to take stock of the year so far. 

How are things going? What do I want to achieve by the end of the year? How am I going to get there? 

In my job, I create communications plans with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals – so have started to apply this approach to the rest of my life. Having a plan and specific actions (with timescales) helps to focus my mind. 

Where do I want to be in a month, six months’, a year, five years’ time?  

The first step to achieving a goal is to know what it is. I find that the more meaningful and ‘real’ I make a goal, the more likely I am to achieve it. So, rather than say “I’m going to get fit” (which is another of my ‘new school year’ goals) I’m going to exercise at least twice a week. This also means I’ll be able to tell if and when I achieve each goal.  

The final important step? When you achieve that goal, celebrate it! Take a moment to recognise the hard work you put into achieving your goal – tell people about it, take some time to enjoy your achievement, and recognise that you’ve done something special. There are some lovely big and small ideas for celebrating achievement here 

I’m going to return to celebrating achievements at work in a future blog post as I think this is something I could do more of… How do we celebrate our own achievements and those of our colleagues? How should we mark achievement?   

Here’s some useful information on things to think about when you set personal goals. 

Are you as obsessed as I am about stationery? Check out these beauties… 

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