Names not numbers


I’m sure we all have those little pet peeves that set our teeth on edge and that we’d cheerfully never hear again, given half a chance.

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Space to breathe

employee engagement

Inspired by a recent article in the Gatehouse Journal of Internal Communications (‘Spring clean your internal communications’), I’ve been thinking about the internal communications ‘sweet spot’… Doing enough communication and engagement without bombarding our people with too much stuff… 

8th May 2018

Trust me…

change communciations, employee engagement

Trust… One little word… With huge implications for internal communications.  Without trust, our communications are worthless. Our people need to trust that we’re telling them the truth, that we’re operating in a fair and transparent way, and that we’re representing an accurate picture of the organisation. 

24th April 2018

The power of ‘thanks’

employee engagement

How do we recognise the achievements of our people?   The temptation is to engineer some vastly complicated recognition scheme, which ends up taking so long to administer that we’ve all forgotten what we’re recognising by the time we get around to it.   So, I’m suggesting a much simpler approach… Just saying ‘thank you’. 

24th March 2018